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PILKINGTON CHOIR has now settled down following the enforced restrictions of the 2020/2021, “Lockdown”. Like similar organisations, it was a difficult time in which we wondered how much would be left when restrictions were lifted. Happily, those members with the technology were able to join in weekly Zoom sessions which was sufficient to keep our voices in trim. July 2021 saw us with our first face to face rehearsals and the gradual return of members. Whilst it was strange getting back together again, our weekly virtual sessions had maintained our sense of camaraderie and most importantly our entity as a choir.
SADLY, A NUMBER of members did not return because of Covid related issues, but membership has been growing steadily, so much so that we believe we are making a better sound now than we did pre-Covid. That said, we are still keen to welcome singers to all of our Voice Sections.

OUR BIGGEST DISRUPTION IN STARTING UP had been the loss of our long term rehearsal venue - the Pilkington Family Trust Pensioner Centre which had been re-purposed. This has turned out to be quite a blessing. After spending several weeks combing St Helens, we are delighted to have found the Alexandra Suite within Willowbrook Hospice’s “Living Well” Centre.This is a modern, bright, airy facility with secure, well lit car parking. It is proving very popular with members and it is also pleasing to know that in hiring the room, we are supporting Willowbrook’s fund raising activities.